Spring Park Estates Mobile Home Community Lots for Rent in Springfield, Missouri

Spring Park Estates is a community with mobile home and trailer lots for rent in Springfield, MO and is managed by Suncrest Properties. Spring Park Estates is located in southwestern Springfield near a major roadway and is minutes away from a grocery store, public parks, a golf course, and conveniently located dining options. Our vision is to utilize improvements and updates to create beautiful, safe, and family-friendly mobile home parks in the Springfield, MO area. We understand that a positive reputation comes from serving our residents well, and our goal is to create a trailer community that our residents can be proud of.

If the cost of moving your mobile home is keeping you from securing a lot in our community, our 2-2-2- program can help. If you will be staying in our community for two years, we will waive the first two months of lot rental and cover up to $2,000 of mobile home moving costs. We understand that moving your mobile home can come with a lot of fees, and we’re eager to enable high quality residents to move into our community.
Spring park estates

Rent-to-Own Mobile Homes

We offer options for lease or rent-to-own trailer or mobile homes in many of our communities; we also help residents who wish to purchase a home via a cash offer or a mortgage. We strive to provide the best experience for each of our residents. Some of the ways we improve our communities include:
  • Inspections of grounds. Each community Suncrest Properties manages is inspected and necessary improvements are made, including adding lighting, repairs or renovations of water and sewer lines, tree trimming or removal, painting buildings, and installing school bus stops.
  • Mandatory background checks. Felons and sex offenders cannot reside on our properties. Requiring residents to have a background check helps us keep our communities safe. Everyone deserves to have peace of mind in their own homes, and barring people with a serious criminal record from our properties allows us to offer that security.
  • Credit check and employment income verification. Although we have no requirements for a minimum credit score, we conduct credit and employment verification to ensure that each potential resident is a good fit for our community.

We hope to create an environment that feels like a park or campground, and taking these
initial steps to move our communities towards the pristine safe haven we envision gives us
the momentum to keep improving each property to achieve our goals. While we recognize that a positive reputation can take time to earn, we know that our communities are worth investing in and are proud to perpetrate the idea that affordable housing can be found on pleasant and beautiful properties.

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Living in mobile homes on rented lots in Springfield, MO comes with many advantages; from building equity to having access to more privacy and outdoor space than you could at a comparable price in an apartment or condo, from guaranteed parking to the freedom to decorate your home as you see fit--all of these are reasons our residents love living in a trailer or mobile home, whether they rent-to-own or privately own their home. If you are interested in joining our beautiful, safe, mobile home community at Spring Park Estates or elsewhere, fill out our online contact form  or call 888-750-8050 for more information today.


Spring Park Estates in Springfield, MO

2200 Battlefield Rd. Springfield, MO 65807

Spring park estates

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