Buying a Mobile or Manufactured Home in Des Moines, IA, Kansas City, KS

Suncrest Properties is helping to redefine affordable home options with our safe and family-friendly mobile home communities. By purchasing a mobile or manufactured home, you are building equity in a place of your own with personal parking, privacy, and more space than you would have in an apartment. If you are unable to purchase outright we have rent-to-lease options available. For more information about our mobile home communities in Kansas, Iowa and Missouri, contact us today.
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Affordable Housing in a Safe Mobile Home Community

Choosing to purchase a mobile or manufactured home is a great alternative to renting as it is often more affordable than the cost of an apartment.

Some of our favorite advantages to mobile homes and the choice to buy instead of rent include:

The payments you make monthly will go toward a property you own instead of paying the bills for someone else! When you decide to sell or move, you will take money with you instead of walking away with nothing.

No more loud neighbors who live above or to the side of you and no more worrying about being quiet for those who live below you. All four walls are your own! Additionally, you have a yard outside to enjoy.

You can make your space your own. Paint, put decorations on the wall, upgrade the kitchen or bathrooms, whatever you’d like! 

No more fighting for a parking space or parking on the street far away from your home – you have your own driveway or dedicated space. 

You will have more bedrooms and living space for a much more affordable price.

Improving the Quality of Mobile Home Communities

For additional information regarding our mobile home lots for you to rent, contact us today. When you choose to live in one of our mobile home communities you can be proud to be a part of our safe, family-friendly area.
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