Ivey Acres Community
Rent a Lot for a Mobile Home in Lebanon, MO

Ivey Acres Community is a thriving senior living community in northeastern Lebanon, MO. This community has 76 units and recreational facilities and is managed by Suncrest Properties. Ivey Acres is only a handful of miles away from a golf course and is close to a major roadway that allows for easy commuting and travel.

Our vision is to improve our properties to become safe and beautiful communities that our residents are proud to be a part of. Especially as a senior living community, we know that enjoying a quiet but plentiful life is a top priority. The improvements we implement include:
  • Adding lighting to increase safety
  • Adding or repairing roads and other infrastructure
  • Inspecting and performing needed repairs on water and sewer lines
  • Trimming or removing trees
  • Maintaining grounds to create a park or campground-esque environment

Everyone deserves access to affordable housing in a beautiful and well-maintained
community. At Suncrest Properties, we believe that our properties and residents are worth investing in, and we know that a positive reputation must be earned through providing the basics of safety, sanitation, and beauty. We are excited to help Ivey Acres flourish as we continue to make improvements.

Additionally, we are excited to offer our 2-2-2 program. For residents intending to move their mobile home into our communities to stay for a minimum of two years, we will waive the first two months of lot rental and put $2,000 towards your moving expenses. We are excited to help candidates make their way into our beautiful communities.
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Rent- or Lease-to-Own Mobile Homes

Suncrest Properties offers options for potential residents such as mobile home rent-to-own programs or financial aid for private owners looking for a trailer park with lots for rent. Please contact us to see if you qualify for our programs. Regardless of your unique situation, each potential resident is required to submit to:
  • A background check. Our vision of a safe and beautiful community means that sex offenders and felons are not to reside on our properties. We will conduct a background check on each potential resident to ensure that we can maintain our basic standards of safety and security in our community.
  • Credit check and employment income verification. We do not have a minimum credit score requirement. Although we use credit and employment income information to determine whether a potential resident would be a good fit, we encourage all interested candidates to apply regardless of credit score.
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Living in trailer or mobile homes for a rent-to-own program comes with a number of advantages. When it comes to affordable housing, most people think of condos, townhomes, or apartments; living in a trailer community rarely comes to mind despite the similar price point. Some advantages of mobile home life include:
  • Being able to build equity in your mobile home rather than just paying rent
  • Having more outdoor space for kids and pets to explore
  • Having available parking right next to your residence
  • Increased privacy--not having to share walls with your neighbors
  • Freedom for interior and exterior design choices; decorate however you want

Ivey Acres Community in Lebanon, MO 
200 Allison Ln. Lebanon,2 MO 65536

Establishing yourself in a mobile home trailer community with lots for rent is a great option for affordable housing; we can also help with financing options for potential residents hoping to purchase a trailer home for cash or with a mortgage. Contact us for more information or give us a call at 888-750-8050 today.

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