Cedar Lane Mobile Home Community in Springfield, MO

Cedar Lane Mobile Home Community, located at 651 Evergreen Road, Strafford, MO, is a 32 lot village nestled among beautiful trees and conveniently located for shopping and commuting. We are committed to providing a family-friendly and safe environment for our residents through background checks and income/employment verification. Whether you would like to buy a mobile / trailer home or are looking for vacant lots for rent, we have a variety of options to serve you and your family. Apply for our community through our online form or call us at 888-750-8050. Looking to purchase a mobile home? Call us at 888-750-8050 
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Mobile Home / Trailer Park Living

Buying a mobile / manufactured home in a manufactured housing community is a great alternative to the typical affordable housing options. Many times you can get more bedrooms and a larger living space for the same price that you will pay for an apartment. In addition to more space, the following are huge benefits when it comes to trailer park homes:
  • You are building equity instead of paying rent
  • Your space is your own – you can decorate, paint, and design it how you want
  • You have a designated parking space or your own driveway and aren’t fighting for a close spot or hoping for nearby street parking
  • You don’t have to share a wall, ceiling, or floor with your neighbors and worry about the noise that comes from living so closely to someone else
  • You have an outdoor area that’s all your own
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In addition to the above benefits, when you choose to live in a Suncrest Community, you can be confident that we are doing all we can to make the environment a lovely, inviting place where you are proud to live. We evaluate each one of our communities carefully and implement whatever projects are needed; from new roads and sewer & water lines to landscaping and painting. We want our residents to feel good about the place they call home!

Depending on your situation, a rent-to-own trailer or mobile home may be better for you than to buy it immediately. We have this option available, as well as trailer park homes for sale and mobile home park lots for rent. If you have any questions about the planned improvements or affordable living in our manufactured home community in Springfield, MO, don’t hesitate to contact us at
If you are interested in other Suncrest Communities for affordable living in the Springfield area, we have
Suburban Acres Mobile Home Community in Springfield, MO and Rolling Meadows Mobile Home Community in Forsyth, near Branson, MO. All are great communities depending on your needs!

Cedar Lane near Springfield, MO
651 Evergreen Rd, Strafford, MO 65757


For inquiries about homes and for more information contact us!

If you’re looking for mobile homes to buy or trailer park homes for sale, we can help with affordable housing options. Call us today at 888-750-8050.
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