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Bedrock Mobile Home Community is a thriving trailer community located just outside of Ulysses, KS, that comes with all the joys of rural living. We love the peace that comes with open space and the conveniences that are offered by the county seat of Grant County. There is a special sense of community here in our corner of Kansas, and we are eager to cultivate a safe, beautiful area that our residents can be proud of. We believe in investing in our communities. Creating a place where families can live in harmony is one of our passions.
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There are many advantages to living in one of the communities managed by Suncrest Properties, including:
  • Building equity: By purchasing a mobile home, your money begins to buy you equity, which increases your purchasing power should you choose to purchase a different home in the future.
  • Increased privacy: Mobile homes don’t share walls, so you can have the advantage of a stand-alone residence without the maintenance and extra costs that come with other single-family dwellings.
  • More outdoor space: One thing we love about this location is the open space. Mobile homes often come at a similar price point to apartments or condos, but you get the added benefit of some outdoor space to call your own.
  • More freedom: From interior and exterior decor to flower beds or being able to park your car in the same spot every night, owning a mobile home means less worrying about landlords, contracts, or parking spaces.
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Lease- or Rent-to-Own Trailer & Mobile Homes

Although some of our residents bring their own homes to put on a rented lot, we also now offer the option of leasing or renting to own a home in one of our communities. If you do not yet own a home, there are a number of financing options including paying in cash or with a mortgage. Additionally, we offer the 2-2-2- program: a potential resident agrees to reside in our community for two years, and in return, Suncrest Properties will pay $2,000 towards moving costs and waive two months of lot rental. We understand that moving can be an expensive process, and we want to open the opportunity for family-centered, longer-term residents to live in our communities.

As we move towards a more beautiful and streamlined community, Suncrest Properties takes the following steps to build the ideal community. We:
  • Evaluate community systems: We work with a lot of different mobile home communities, and we understand that water, sewer, and electrical systems need to be evaluated regularly to make sure any needed renovations and repairs can be made. Up-to-date systems are a must in order to improve sanitation and maintain a cleaner, more pleasant community.
  • Require background checks: All tenants must consent to a background check. Bedrock Mobile Home Community is a place where families should be able to feel safe and relaxed, and we do not allow sex offenders and felons in our communities. Increasing safety is a must when it comes to helping our residents feel protected.
  • Regularly make improvements: Adding better lighting, installing new roads when necessary, painting buildings, and landscaping tasks like trimming trees or removing overgrowth are all important components of creating a clean and orderly environment. We commit to the upkeep of our communities as a necessary part of our service to our residents.
  • Install school bus stops: Making sure school children have safe and easy access to their education helps us serve our residents and allows families to get their children to and from school safely.

At Suncrest Properties, we are excited to create family-friendly mobile home parks that are the pride of the community. Whether you are bringing your own home into our community or you are purchasing an existing mobile home, we are excited to welcome you into a beautiful haven with an ever-increasing positive reputation.

Bedrock Mobile Home Community
2974 W. Oklahoma Ave.
Ulysses, Kansas 67880


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